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Thank you …

I wish to inform you that I have at this time had a good recovery from my back surgery of January 14, 2019. The services from the hospital that is offered in my insurance plan in Singapore (Mt. Alvernia)  were excellent.  I would also like to note that with the assistance of your team, my experience with IGH claim approval was expedited efficiently and with sincere concern for my state of health and my coverage, assisting me with a couple of issues that were a little complex. You worked hard  through the channels of the medical insurance protocol .  This was my first time to make a claim for medical insurance over the 25 years that I have depended on your services for my insurance policies in the past and present.  I am indebted to you for his dedication to service and offering me coverage through
Thank you for your kind attention.

Thanks for asking Singapore. 
I must say this experience with the insurance going via you has been 100000% more pleasant than my last experience when my son broke his arm

A Burns Victim

CP:  (Co-ordination Person )  

Doesn’t look like the consulate is going to be able to help so we’re having to take the Perth option off the table.  

Sending her to UK seems to be the best move at this point (although we’re still waiting to hear back more details from Bangkok)...

Wondering if you could advise as to under what circumstances a doctor would normally permit a “medically assisted commercial flight”.  So far the doctor will only sign off on an air ambulance.  I’ll be asking him during his visit tomorrow when he thinks she might be able to take the medically assisted flight but if you knew anything about what info the doctors typically base this decision on that would prove to be very helpful!

We’re still waiting for her file to be released (with photos and hospital history) so that we can find the right person / people at these hospitals to discuss potential best treatment options and timing / logistical implications of these options (i.e. how soon to begin certain treatment methods and how to transport her Incase we choose this route)

Once again... appreciating your help and support

AT : ( Assistance Team )

To summarise our thoughts as you have a lot of input now  

Singapore or Australia will be the quickest option

Either of them requires financial guarantees or deposits

Perth is the best option but may take more time organising

Could be an idea to contact the Australian Consul hereā€¬ in the morning find out their requirements to grant her a visa. Should you go that route I am happy to contact Dr Fiona Woods who was instrumental in dealing with the Burns victims after the Bali bombing

Robin says someone in the UK is working to see if the reciprocal UK AUS agreement can assist that would be wonderful if it happens in time to help with the decision on where to take her

Perhaps look at moving her to Siloam if it’s really dire there, she needs to be as comfortable as possible

Give me a heads up when you like

CP : Sorry for the delay... I finally got a chance to nap and passed out HARD.

Things are actually really great considering.  Debridement went better than expected... no skin grafts needed (yet). Spirits high. Pain super high. Still keeping options for evac on the table but hoping we don’t need to.

Thanks again for all your support! ….

Thanks .


AT : A commercial flight to London given her situation is a complex call Matt.

Not easy to change a Doctors mind and commercial flights are notoriously unhygienic; it’s a very long flight ....

Honestly speaking in situations like this the immediate solution is to get her to the closest center of medical excellence

The devil is in the details because the money issues take over and demand a compromise that drives the decisions

There is another possibility..... Malaysia

It’s very much less costly than either Singapore or Thailand and most of the doctors are trained in the Scotland

If it were my call (as it often is) I would go for one of the options in the region

 CP : A team has arrived to handle the transfer process from the UK and its looking like she will fly on wed.

She’s been receiving good care here at Sanglah in the meantime and well supported by her community.

Really appreciate all your help! 

AT : Really glad to hear that news . So sorry she has been through such misery. It was something like this that started me on a mission to develop a solution 25 years ago...

CP : She made it out two days ago... flew her back to the UK where she’s got family friends and free health care.  She sent us all a message today saying she’s feeling and doing great!

Thanks to you and your team’s 25 year effort!  Would be a much difference scenario here without your efforts past and present

AT : Our pleasure to be of assistance

A situation that is typical for many people who don’t hold Insurance in Bali.

This person was badly burnt and we were contacted and able to provide support and assistance on a pro bono basis as always. This process took ten days !  

The reality as is so often the case is working out how to deal with paying for the solution and the most appropriate course of action, rather than the dealing with the actual physical problem, with a lot of support from her friends the community and go fund me a large sum was eventually available, enough to fly her back to the UK with a team flown out specifically to handle this evacuation

I recently retired from my position as Head Nurse /Technical Advisor at BIMC hospital in Kuta a position I held for eighteen years .Our patients were international travellers holidaymakers and residents of Bali and Indonesia. Over the years it became apparent that one of the best Insurance companies for support and payment was QBE. IGH are underwritten by QBE. The team at IGH are known in Indonesia for their proactive assistance that is very much appreciated by people with medical problems as often the best solution is not the most obvious one here

Scraping people off the roads of Bali for more than 25 years, Richard and his team have saved many lives. What's more important than that?

Hi Richard, back to Bali yesterday & happy i had the choice to go to Singapore. Surgery was more complicated than diagnosed here, not a surprise.
Raffles was very professional. Sure to enjoy my rest now.
Thanks for your help.

  • Tuesday 28 th February 2017

  • Ana

First I want to thank you since as you know you were completely right when you suggested that we rushed p to Singapore when I first called you. Thanks to common sense and intuition as well we finally did it and here we are with a very good Doctor who we trust fully.
As Antonio told you we have been informing your company every day and hope that on Monday Vivilate responds as it should and takes care of expenses etc. Sunday 26 February 2017 ….

( NB : this was an issue of the heart requiring immediate surgical intervention)

Thanks once again everything went fine intervention and coverage Kind regards

  • October 2016

  • Ej

If you are looking for an insurance while living in Bali this is the place to be.
I had motorbike accidents, surf related herniated discs, artificial disc implants, ruptured tendons of the bone, you name it...
Before you start building your pool or renovate your newly rented villa, get yourself insured.
Your body is your best buddy in the end…
These people are my Guardian Angels since I came to Bali a long time ago.
Hang loose and keep on living.

  • September 24 th

  • Sk

I thought I'd send you a message to say that I finally got out of hospital in Sydney last weekend after 16 days from touching down and heading straight to emergency. I ended up having 3 surgeries on my back to clear heavy infection. Literally Richard if I left it another 1 or 2 days the infection would of over come me and hit organs so yes very glad I got out when I did and thank you very much for your guidance!
Enjoy and take care. Once I gain the all clear next week I'll be heading back to Bali shortly after.
Thank you so much for all you guidance and support. I hope you have a fantastic weekend...
Thank you.

Another insane situation you just handled beautifully. I never forget when I was lying on my kitchen floor, itwas late at night, some few years ago, just head a blackout, no one at home or neighbours. Only my cell phone and you at the other end assisted me while you were having a shower some kilometers away. You were there online, all the way till I got help at SOS. I know you didn't get any commission from my insurance because the office bought it from other company. Global Ass (istance) supposed to provide the assistance I needed. But they never there when I need. I never able to thank you enough. I owe you few Big one as you also helped me and my husband in other emergency situations. And after all these years we still never met. Not a single time. If not because of fb, I still don't know what you look like:) If guardian angels exist, You are the real one.

With love and big hug.

We're sitting on a plane coming from Sumba, thinking about the 4th year anniversary of a misdirected coconut and talking about what an incredible support you were in getting me out. It might have not happen without you. My understanding is that I got in Singapore just in time, I was on the operation room within a few hours and it saved my life.

I want to thank you from the bottom of my life for helping get me out. It's the story that remains untold but I made it out the eye of the needle with the help of you and my beautiful wife, Cynthia. Again, thank you. I hope you're well.

Response :

Dear John,
Well now you mention it, its only because I am a battler and would not accept BIMC’s bland comment that "John is OK now” while Cynthia was telling me your were gurgling while you breathed, alarm bells went off when I heard that, so after they cancelled the evacuation plane we organised the previous night it was a huge deal to order another one the next day, as the company said it could not be life threatening because of the cancellation the day before. BIMC were telling the TPA in Singapore it was not necessary !! SO after a serious “conversation" with Singapore they eventually listened to me and ordered another plane. The report from Gleneagles when you got there was that another one or two hours and you would have been in the great Bamboo hut in the Sky.

FYI : BIMC sent Craig’s wife and a medical team to Gleneagles to argue the case…… they were shut up and put in their places when Gleneagles showed the footage they had taken of the operation that BIMC performed where it clearly showed that BIMC had perforated your lung with the instrument they used THAT lead to the problem being life threatening. BIMC were trying to say someone kicked you while you while were in the air ambulance and that caused the perforation !!! What a pile of nonsense !!! the footage shut them up and they were waiting with baited breath for the law suite.

Honestly John they should have been sued and were panicked when their team returned from Singapore with the story. Cynthia and I discussed your suing them , but understandably she had enough of the situation and was just happy you survived despite them. I went to see Craig Beveridge and confronted him … he won’t talk to me to this day.

This illustrates why I do this in Bali. between the medical facilities and the bloody Insurance companies its a constant battle

Glad your still with us mate.

I would like to say that you are the best Richard and for anyone who wants the best possible insurance they should go to you. When I broke my knee I called you late in the night and you helped me to make the right decisions and when I had my follow up surgery in Singapore it was so good I kept on accidentally referring to the hospital as the hotel. You were an angel in a bad moment and I am forever grateful for your help. All the best.

We were talking about testimonials in the office today and feedback and it occurred to me that we had not given you any on the recent case of Thomas.

Time is short and so I won't go into details but the bottom line is this: the cover we have from you came through for us big style. They were fantastic to work with and took control and got Thomas to Singapore and got him the best surgery in SE Asia. Both his face and shoulder are recovering really well and the treatment was first rate, the cover was first rate. We felt confident throughout that the rug was not going to get pulled from under us and that is important.

One area of recent concern is the 'sitcom-set' hospitals like BIMC and Siloam. I call them that because they portray an image of being a sophisticated modern hospital. In reality they are Sanglah with better paintwork and more computers. If it is Dengue, a minor motor bike crash or you are hamil, they are on familiar ground. Anything else they are a death trap.

The danger is that they are persuading some insurance companies to take short cuts: 'Don't send him/her to the cutting edge surgeon in Singapore. We can do the job here for less money and it will be alright".

When Thomas showed the surgeon in Singapore the Ace Hardware item they were planning to insert into his shoulder, he said "wow! been a while since I saw one of those!" My surgeon in Bangkok said he hadn't seen one of those for a decade. Yet this is what Siloam is offering up.

Thank God our insurance had the balls to say "No!"

So many thanks for providing this cover to us. I wanted you to know that it really makes a difference and when Thomas catches his first wave again (soon we hope) I'm sure he will dedicate it to you and the insurance that enabled him to do so

Best wishes

I just wanted to thank you for all your hard work during that difficult time last week. It wasn’t easy for any of us but you pulled through and got the plane organised and resolved all the problems that being in an area remote from good hospitals with a badly broken leg in West Java presented us with. Thank you for going the extra mile and ensuring that I got the surgery I needed even though my passport was in immigration. Good on you

Thank you, your advice & info on your fabulous Insurance Scheme for 18-29yo is clear, concise, very affordable & a "must have" for young travellers. Your research, development & creation of this product reflects your passion & the enormity of the increasing need that we are constantly & sadly being reminded of when friends & families such as Liam's suddenly find themselves faced with these sorts of dire, life & death situations & need turn to complete strangers to plead & beg for their compassion & support.
You are right to say that donors are finding it difficult to keep up the financial support & I believe the ultimate solution will be in the education & perhaps a regulation giving the traveller the responsibility of ensuring that they have:  

        - Taken ADEQUATE insurance
        - Checked & re-checked the Policy to MAKE SURE it suits their holiday plans.
        - Learn from the real experiences of others who have been injured or who have had loved ones die whilst holidaying/travelling..
        - know that it costs a FORTUNE to return home as Medivac or, as we sadly see & is often the case, in a coffin.

I believe your Insurance is very worthy of being regularly promoted via this Bali Expat FB Group & other Groups... I hope I have your permission to share it on my FB Status & other relevant FB status's... Hopefully Travel Advisers & Agents etc are aware of your Insurance product.

I am most grateful to you because you saved my life and I want to say one more time thank you so much for doing that. It wasn't clear that I was so close to the edge during my recovery as Cynthia was sort of saving me from the grim facts that I was almost done in by the hospital here in Bali. Again Richard, thank you for the making the effort of getting me on that airplane when the hospital said that it was not necessary to evacuate me.

Thank you for your support these past 23 days, I have finally time to thank you and fill you in what happened. As his Spanish insurance refused medivac I eventually guaranteed it, as my dad suffered a stomach perforation in Surabaya hospital. He got medivaced two weeks ago to Gleneagles and immediate surgery he just go a fit to fly form after being there two weeks, he was 3 days in intensive care and we almost lost him.I made the decision in Surabaya to pay for the medicvac my self with global assistance, but eventually the Spanish insurance took responsibility, Gleneagles fixed him up very well. He left this morning under medical escort to Spain first class with SQ. So all good so far. At the same time I want to introduce a friend and colleague a chef at a hotel in Ubud who has a family wife and kid and recommended to change their insurance with you.

I spent quite a while virtually resenting paying my health insurance in Bali...until I suddenly and urgently needed it...and have ever since been thinking it was one of the best things Ive ever done!

After so many years in Bali I was beginning to lose hope in ever seeing a decent level of customer service but dealing with your staff has been very pleasant. It’s common to complain when things don’t go the way we expect but takes a little time to congratulate so please pass this on & congratulations on the obvious level of training you provide to them.

Third Millennia Health are, in my opinion, the best 24hour Insurance company that has the connections and experience to get you evacuated quickly in an emergency...not easy in this country if your company does not have the right level of language fluency and the right numbers on their handphones and the right "connections" in the right places... Plan for the worst then everything else is better...

I would like to thank you for the assistance that you gave me when I broke my kneecap recently. I really don’t know what I would have done had you not resolved the problem that developed because friday morning at 06.00 am Singapore Air did not have a stretcher to put me on. It became an awful situation because after refusing to take me on board even though the evacuation had been agreed, I had to return home on Friday mid morning and the evacuation had to be organised again.

When Singapore air informed us that they had no capacity to take a stretcher on board until Thursday of the next week and no other airline could do the evacuation things started to look really difficult.

I cannot thank you enough for your ongoing efforts that eventually resulted in a Private Air Ambulance being flown in for me on Sunday. I appreciate that this was not medically necessary as I was not in pain, but I did need to have an operation to pull my kneecap back together.

It is this extra care and service that I really appreciate. I don’t think another company would have gone to the lengths you and your company did and this really confirms why so many of us choose to be with your company, you are always there when we need you.

Having lived on 3 different continents simultaneously for the last 30 years, finding the right insurance policy that covers my nomadic lifestyle is difficult to say the least. The Lifestyle can be incompressible to the average person working in the claims department of a large insurance company, even I have a hard time explaining it.I would like to thank Richard Flax for going to bat for me in this regard; thanks to his going the extra mile and explaining the complexities involved and to be given the coverage I needed. This is above and beyond the call of duty.

All I can say is that this aspect of the service they provide really makes a difficult situation easy not something other companies do ! I would also like to thank the company for their understanding and generous support.

They were talking about amputating his leg and I didn't know what to do.My friend had been a passenger on a motor bike driven by a French friend of his and they had a horrific accident. The driver had died and my friend was in a really bad way.He had no health Insurance policy and to my knowledge no massive amounts of money lying around to pay for an Air Ambulance evacuation and a large deposit for a Singapore hospital. So I called Richard Flax, he listened to the story and then said Ok Steve, just do as I tell you and we will sort this out for you. NO amputation he said. He and his team put me in touch with an Air Ambulance company at a far lower price than I had been quoted. Then he explained to me what was needed to make it all happen financially and how a credit card even a gold one would not take a massive hit on a weekend from Indonesia, and what it would take to initiate the evacuation, we brain stormed a solution. The hospital then stabilised his leg (no amputation) so he could fly and then we set about activating the process.

The Air ambulance company worked with us and we managed to organise enough funds to get the plane on the way as swiftly as possible. We got him to Singapore very quickly and he went straight into surgery, the doctors were not sure if they could save his leg and he had to go into surgery a second time the next day. Time was of the essence but they did manage to save his leg.

I can't thank you enough for your sterling advice throughout all of this & my friend will be in touch for sure once he's back on the go. He has a long road ahead but it could of been so much worse of which he is fully aware. Your team were magnificent from start to finish & made a very stressful situation more than comfortable while under extreme pressure.I just wanted to thank you for this service provided entirely without pay or recompense, thank you for your dedication in helping a total stranger, great work guys.

To whomever is listening, this is a testimonial:
I've been in Bali about as long as Richard, and know most of the different insurance choices out there. I highly recommend Richard's plan. It is well priced, but price is not everything. Richard has consistently demonstrated to me and my mates his willingness to get personally involved if something happens to you, including getting up in the middle of the night, making phone calls, pulling all the strings he and his team have at their disposal, and even going to the hospital personally if necessary to make sure the right thing happens. I have a friend who would be dead today if it were not for this extra-mile effort he personally goes through when you need a medical evacuation or other extremely urgent treatment or action. Will the other insurance agents here do that for you? If you don't have insurance, that's your choice. Many think it's "succumbing to fear" to take out insurance. I get that. But consider this: Who IS going to cough up the $ if you are in a real jam? Your friends? Is that fair to them? An emergency medical evacuation to Singapore cost tens of thousands of dollars, and it could be, as in my friends case, what saves your life.

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