Our Service To You

IGH is unique in the sense that we have developed bespoke products in the health insurance arena in our region. With new levels of service and innovative approaches we are able to go beyond the benefits of the policies by offering a truly personalized service when you need it most.
We are proud to offer a range of insurance plans specifically designed to reflect the unique conditions and respond to the challenges in Bali, around Indonesia and other parts of Asia, whilst being completely effective worldwide. Our global outreach provides relevant responses no matter where you may be.
The most important core element when dealing with unexpected serious medical problems in Indonesia is the Emergency Assistance Provider service. Our local 24-hour response team is well known for timely and relevant suggestions, as is confirmed by the testimonials satisfied clients have spontaneously made. Our Insurer QBE runs our 24 Hour Emergency Assistance offices with offices based in Singapore as part of their worldwide network.
Our members appreciate the immediate responses they receive to their enquiries from our regional offices and emergency response offices in Bali and Singapore from our team of dedicated staff who coordinate with hospitals and arrange evacuations if required.
The challenges facing the health industry world wide in the 21st Century are demanding and require health insurance providers to deal with issues in an appropriate and succinct manner relevant to the region they are working in. This is the IGH mission to respond to these in a comprehensive manner that utilizes the vast knowledge and resources we have accumulated over the past twenty-five years. 
People in this region are aware of the many unusual circumstances that affect health care here, we bring our vast hands on experience to the arena in full appreciation of the challenges that are part of the landscape.

We are International Global Health.

Information about health insurance available 24h/7d.