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This plan is for savvy young globetrotters aged between 19 and 29 since it is entirely focused on getting the best quality medical care in an emergency that requires hospital. This policy is for people exploring South East Asia, New Zealand and Australia. It is inexpensive and pared down for healthy young adventurers smart enough to know the value of complete emergency insurance cover. It has no extreme sports exclusions.
This is a comprehensive health care solution with full hospital coverage from ambulance while in hospital plus medication and room charges. Accommodation for parents is included in this plan, so if a medical emergency with junior lands a family in Singapore, your accommodation is paid for. Medical evacuation and repatriation is fully covered. Included are outpatient operations as well as stitching wounds that resulted from an accident.
This is a complete global health insurance plan that also extends to alternative therapies including osteopathy, homeopathy and acupuncture. If illness or an emergency strikes the Emerald plan covers diagnostic tests such as pathology, radiology, MRI, CT and PET scans. It covers the gap when tests are underway but clients are not yet admitted to hospital. It also has outpatient services for a full 90 days post-hospitalisation.
This option has full coverage for hospitalisation including all fees and costs. It is tailored for women who plan to have children and it has all of the important medical bells and whistles for this situation. Don’t forget to have dad and the kids on the Emerald or Sapphire plans since they are unlikely to be pregnant. Dental cover is another bonus to this extensive policy.
This Insurance product offers financial protection to the building that have been affected by accidental loss and/or damaged caused by fire, lightning, explosion and impact of falling aircraft, smoke, riot, flood, and earthquake. This insurance also covers personal accindents to the Insured and his family and liability to third parties.
IGH Family Plan will cover you, your spouse, and your children in the event of injury or illness. IGH is committed to supporting you and the little bubs in the unfortunate event of anything happening. Sign up today for an IGH policy with your family and receive 10% cash back from your premium payment.
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