Sapphire Plan

This is a comprehensive health care solution with full hospital coverage from ambulance while in hospital plus medication and room charges. Accommodation for parents is included in this plan, so if a medical emergency with junior lands a family in Singapore, your accommodation is paid for. Medical evacuation and repatriation is fully covered. Included are outpatient operations as well as stitching wounds that resulted from an accident.
- Annual limit of USD 1.75 million
- Full hospital cover from ambulance to home nursing
- Choose your hospital and location

- Full medical evacuation 



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This plan is for savvy young globetrotters aged between 19 to 29 since it is entirely focused on getting the best qualit.

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This is a complete global health insurance plan that also extends to alternative therapies including osteopathy, homeopa.

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This option has full coverage for hospitalisation including all fees and costs..

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