Good To Know

Don’t go to the local clinic
If an emergency strikes it is of critical importance to make contact with IGH so our team of experts can guide you directly to the safest and best option for urgent medical care. Ensure that your friends and family who you are travelling with know this process as it could help save your life.
Should you visit a clinic close to the scene of an accident?
For decades IGH has had access to the highest quality medical care in the region and we have sifted through the good, the bad and the ugly. What looks like a cutting edge and busy hospital with multi-lingual staff may not be the best fit. Make contact  will guide your directly to the best option available.
Be prepared to be asked – or for your travelling companions to be asked - if you are able to get on a plane. A medic-vac must always be considered when time is of the essence. Make your friends and family aware of these decisions so they can act with IGH on your behalf.
Don’t ever have invasive surgery unless our team is by your side
Medical misjudgments can be made anywhere in the world. Let our team do the legwork to secure the best available surgeon who will help decide which path is suitable for a situation. A second opinion is always a great idea, particularly if the first option sounds radical.Medical emergencies demand informed weighing of options. Some disasters require being evacuated to the nearest centre of medical excellence in Singapore or Australia.
What is worthy of a hospital visit?
Being protected by an excellent health care policy does not mean that heading to the nearest clinic or hospital is the best choice. Minor accidents may be better off treated at your villa or hotel. The same thing goes for over prescribing of antibiotics – which is a global issue and compromises good health everywhere.Always think what is being offered. Do you really need an MRI scan for a Bali belly, which is typically treated with charcoal pills?
We are not a huge faceless corporate insurance company but rather a small group of expats and locals who have worked helping people in health emergencies in Asia for decades. We understand the lay of the land and have access to the best quality medical institutions in the region. Local knowledge pays in times of crisis away from home.
Throughout South East Asia all hospitals and clinics are private businesses when it comes to treating foreigners. Be prepared to pay for every product or service down to the band-aids.Private hospitals worldwide are expensive by nature so be hip to upselling. Also, during a medical crisis it is not unusual for a foreigner to have to pay a deposit of thousands of dollars or more before admission into the system.  An IGH policy bypasses this issue.
A common sense approach to health care keeps costs down. We have sustainable policy costs. If all policyholders are mindful about using their policy, costs stay low.It is worth thinking if you would visit a hospital if you had the same condition at home. Don’t let medics push you into a hospital industry that may lead you down an expensive path for no good reason. Everyone pays in the end.
I can’t afford a policy
Can you afford a medical bill of US$2000 for a fractured arm, which is four times the cost of IGH’s plan for 18-29-year-olds?
IGH is the only health insurance company that specializes in South East Asia- because we live here, and have seen it all. We are backed by Australia’s largest insurer – QBE,  and underwritten by DayinMitra in Indonesia ensuring full compliance and security in Indonesia.
What can we do that others do not
We can prevent a disaster from turning into a catastrophe because we have 30 years of local experience doing exactly this.

We are International Global Health.

Information about health insurance available 24h/7d.