API Pacific, Providers of International Health Insurance to the expatriate and local community in Indonesia, since 1988.
Initiating and developing health insurance solutions that are effective and relevant for local conditions.

We are proud to continue this tradition with the introduction of a new product that takes into account the dramatic changes in 2020.

Globalis, Supremely cost effective with a totally flexible list of benefits to select from, Api has worked in a singular manner with the worlds most respected Health Insurance providers for over 20 years.

New challenges of the 21st century demand relevant responses. Globalis is an innovative new health insurance product that responds to your requests and provides full access to the things you have told us you would like

New levels of service and innovative approaches provide a level of service that goes beyond the benefits of the policy and ensure truly personal service when you need it.
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Globalis Products

International Global Health


Bronze provides your essential Inpatient benefits to cover hospitalization costs. Benefits for pre- and post-hospitalization Outpatient services are also included, which means you are covered for expensive diagnostic and testing expenses before and after a covered hospitalization.

International Global Health


Silver extends Outpatient benefits in addition to the Inpatient cover offered by Bronze. Outpatient benefits include, among others, general practitioner and specialist visits and prescription medications, up to your chosen Outpatient Annual Limit.

International Global Health


Gold offers enhanced Inpatient and Outpatient cover with the addition of Wellness and Dental benefits. Vaccination cover is also included as part of your Wellness benefit.

International Global Health


Platinum provides the most comprehensive level of coverage. Inpatient, Outpatient, Wellness, Dental, Vision, and Maternity benefits are included. The Globalis Platinum plan also offers a unique, escalating Maternity benefit level that increases after your first year of membership.

We are International Global Health.

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