We are International Global Health

Our promise and our financial guarantee -the QBE connection.Our policies are guaranteed by the financial strength of QBE and underwritten by Dayin Mitra in Indonesia ensuring full compliance and security in Indonesia.
IGH designed and supported products in the Asia Pacific are insured and issued by QBE, one of the world’s top 20 general insurance and reinsurance companies, operating in 37 countries and employing more than 14,500 people globally.  As such, the policies are guaranteed by the financial strength of QBE.
Our policies are also backed by a global reinsurer, with a total capital of USD 7 billion, assets of USD 21 billion and cash and investments of USD 14.5 billion.  They are rated “A+” (Strong) by Standard & Poor’s and “A+” (Superior) XV by A.M. Best.
Our business is the security and safety of our clients and providing access to the highest level of available healthcare; it is the IGH promise. Our clients include individuals, adventurers and families through to retirees, businesses and multinational corporations.
We are along time innovator in the design of international medical insurance products.  Our insurance plans offer an unparalleled degree of flexibility, with a mind to maintaining the program’s cost-effective sustainability over the long-term. This plan design flexibility allows our clients to tailor their coverage, without sacrificing their own personal requirements and offers comprehensive level of coverage. Our clients can have access to the most appropriate level of coverage fortheir specific needs, yet within their budget.
For individuals, families and companies buying international health insurance cover,maintaining the sustainability of the plan’s premium is a key concern. IGH’s focus and expertise in risk and network management is part of our commitment our client, which ensure this sustainability.

IGH is committed to providing efficient customer serviceand this is the core of our business, for which we are well known. We measure our success by the consistent delivery of superior service to our clients.

We are International Global Health.

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